“Scott Snibbe talks Björk’s Biophilia, apps and interactive music
And why album apps could bring back the ‘falling in love’ stage for music fans”

The Guardian UK, Stuart Dredge, October 21, 2011

“Snibbe thinks that one of the downsides to the digitisation of music is that this falling in love stage has turned into a “casual relationship”, where people skip around albums, or listen to songs while walking, travelling and doing other things.

“You miss that falling in love period, and go immediately to the ‘brushing your teeth together in the bathroom phase’,” he said. “But an app can demand all of your senses and attention at once. That’s something exciting for musicians. A lot of them lament the demise of the album experience due to digital distribution. But one thing about the app-album is it reclaims people’s attention for an entire album.”

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