Available on: iPhone and iPad
REWORK_ is an interactive tour through the amazing new REWORK_ album that remixes Philip Glass’ music. The app includes eleven interactive visualizations for the remixed songs, along with an interactive “Glass Machine” that lets people create their own Philip Glass inspired music.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
In the METRIC: Synthetica app, animated features of surrealist landscapes produce an infinity of musical sequences, allowing fans to remix Metric music.
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Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android
Biophilia is a multimedia exploration of music, nature and technology by Björk: the world's first app album. Each in-app experience explores the relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena, from the atomic to the cosmic.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
With OscilloScoop you make real musical grooves by simply gliding your fingertips over spinning crowns; then sequence them into a real-time performance with a few taps.
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Available on: iOS, Android, and Windows
Gravilux is a work of interactive software art for the iPhone and iPad. With each touch in Gravilux, you exert a gravitational pull on a world of simulated stars. Though inspired by Newton's equations for gravity, Gravilux doesn't follow our universe's laws.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
MotionPhone is a new form of communication and a creative game. It lets people make abstract animations together over a network in a unique combination of conversation and creation.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
The Passion Pit Gossamer App lets you make interactive music videos for two tracks from their Gossamer Album, and remix and recombine their music under your fingertips.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
Bubble Harp draws bubbles around your fingertips, recording and replaying your movements while creating music based on the animated forms.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
Commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art, Tripolar animates the tangled, abstract, and ever-changing forms a pendulum makes as it swings over a magnetic base.
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Available on: iPhone and iPad
Touch the screen of Antograph and you release a stream of ants from your fingertips. Antograph is a combination of drawing, animation, art, science, and gaming.
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