San Francisco, July 22, 2013

Two award-winning iOS music apps from Snibbe Studio are now available in Leap Motion™’s new app discovery platform, the Airspace™ Store. Leap Motion’s groundbreaking new device allows people to interact with their computer screens simply by waving their hands in the air.

Gravilux for Leap Motion adapts the best-selling iOS musical star field app to a purely natural movement experience: when you point fingers at the screen they all pull on the stars, when you punch with your fist, antigravity repels. Scott Snibbe, the company’s founder, says, “With Gravilux for Leap Motion, you literally have the universe at your fingertips.”

OscilloScoop for Leap Motion allows you to make musical groves by sculpting spinning crowns with your hands. Created by DJ and designer Lukas Girling, the app mashes up turntables, video games, and electronic music into a real-time audiovisual performance. With fingers pointed directly at the screen, people sculpt spinning ‘crowns’—one for tone and one for a digital audio filter. People can also open up their hands and their fingertips directly draw waveforms for the sounds to follow.

“We are thrilled to be among the first developers releasing apps for Leap Motion, and I believe strongly that in the future gesture may dominate human-computer interaction – it’s what people are calling ‘Natural User Interface’ because we’re now communicating with the computer the same way that we communicate with other human beings,” said Scott Snibbe, the studio’s founder and CEO.

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Scott Snibbe was featured in a half-hour program on CNN’s The Next List, which profiles forward-looking thinkers in the fields of technology, science and social change.

Host Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and producer Tracy Dorsey brought her crew to Snibbe’s studio in San Francisco for a three-day shoot that resulted in an intimate and extensive portrait to discuss, among other projects, recent work with James Cameron’s interactive “Avatar” exhibition at the EMP Museum, Bjork’s breakthrough Biophilia App, and the future of interactivity.

Snibbe also wrote a blog posting for CNN you can read on their site: “Apps can help us fall in love with music again.

“Gravilux is an unwinnable game of beauty and finesse”

Gravilux for Android reviewed in AndroidCentral

Scott Snibbe Studio has released Gravilux 2.0 – a complete rewrite of the popular iOS App that was one of the first number one interactive art apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and became a long-lasting bestseller in the iTunes charts.

A highlight of the new version is the new music visualizer that creates gravitational music videos filled with color and stars based on any of the tracks in your music library. Gravilux 2.0 also features a new animated typography module, allowing people to create words and phrases made of stars, and then warp them with gravity and antigravity, distorting, collapsing, and exploding apart. Both new features are available as an in-app purchase as part of Gravilux Plus, and you will see more features added in the coming months.

Gravilux 2.0  makes the entire app experience easier to use with a new clear and elegant iconic interface, including a new color wheel for color animations. A new color algorithm enhances full-color animation of stars based on their speed. And the app has been optimized for new devices, rendering is sped-up,  retina support has been enhanced, and you can now share images via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Gravilux 2.0 is available exclusively in the iTunes App Store for iOS.

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Bestselling Gravilux App Now Available for Android

Scott Snibbe Studio, developer of best selling apps for the iPad including Björk’s Biophilia, has released its first Android App – Gravilux – available now in the Android Marketplace, and the Amazon Appstore for Android, including compatibility with Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Snibbe’s app, Gravilux, was a runaway hit last year when released on iPad. Now available for Android devices, including Kindle Fire, Gravilux lets people touch a universe of simulated stars beneath their fingertips, exerting gravitational push and pull to twist stars into an infinite variety of colorful new galactic forms.

Scott Snibbe, President of the studio, said: “I’ve always believed that interactivity has the same capacity as cinema to engage people in emotionally meaningful experiences that go beyond the goal-oriented worlds of games. Gravilux is not a game, a utility, or an educational tool, but instead a purely interactive space for wonder, play, and exploration. Bringing Gravilux to Android opens these experiences to a huge new audience.”

Asked about his choice for a two-week exclusive launch with Amazon, Snibbe answered: “Books are one of the last media in which people focus in rapt concentration, and the market for the original Kindles. Amazon’s Kindle Fire has the potential to promote this kind of attention with other forms of media, such as apps and games, and it’s the type of attention we hope to sustain with our uniquely creative, mind-expanding apps. Gravilux gives users new forms of sophisticated, rich interactive content that go beyond the simplicity of games.”

Gravilux for Android is available  through the Android Marketplace and the Amazon Appstore for Android for $1.99.

About Scott Snibbe Studio

Scott Snibbe Studio is pioneering a new interactive medium with the emotional impact of cinema, yet one where we play an active part in changing, creating, and exploring worlds beneath our fingertips. We produce original, category-defying music, art, and entertainment apps, and partner creatively with select musicians, filmmakers, and writers. We believe interactivity is capable of no less than bringing our dreams to life.

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This month’s Wired Magazine features an illustration made with Gravilux, along with an interactive version in the Wired iPad App.

Gravilux is one of Apple’s featured apps this week in the Mac App Store.

Apple listed Gravilux for Mac as its #1 Staff Favorite this week, and with their help it has risen to #10 in Paid Apps. Will it beat out App Store favorite, the Fireplace App? Barring a rogue northeast heatwave, we aren’t optimistic.

…For media artist Garnet Hertz, who teaches in the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design, the series of apps created by Scott Snibbe are winners. These include the incredibly beautiful projects titled GraviluxBubble HarpTripolar, which was commissioned by the Whitney Museum, and Antograph. Snibbe is a media artist, with a great deal of experience considering forms of social and media-based interaction…