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Bubble Harp is one of Apple’s featured apps this week in the Mac App Store

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Bubble Harp is one of Apple’s featured apps this week in the Mac App Store.

iTunes Top 2010 Apps include Gravilux and Bubble Harp

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Gravilux and Bubble Harp were listed today in the Top Ten iTunes Rewind 2010 iPhone and iPad apps for Generative Art and Sound!

Gravilux is the #1 App in the iPad App Store!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Today, May 19, Gravilux is the number one Free iPad App in the iTunes store, ahead of iBooks, ABC, Netflix, and The Weather Channel!

Here are some reviews:

“This is by far my favorite iPad app. It’s simple and perfect, and I can play with it for hours. Great job!” –Harry K.A.

“Gravilux looks and feels awesome. With the touch of one or more fingers, you can fling stars across the universe (spoiler: universe not to scale). Hold down a finger along the short edge of the screen and the stars will stream out from the other side. Draw circles around the middle of the screen to corral the stars together, then hold down one finger to crack your new galaxy apart. Increase the gravity to really shake things up, or turn on antigravity and watch the heavens flee from your command. Very cool app, 5 stars! :) –JayKnapp

“GREAT app!! Having SO much fun with it!!! More to it than meets the eye!! Highly recommended!!!! Get it!!!!!!!” –BigRand1

“This app is so simple but it really gives one a rough idea of how the universe works! And its so much fun to play, it makes me feel like a god.” –Jasonhenle

“We came from the stars and now we can play with the stars.” –beersyourfriend